Pro Fence vs. web design firms

Having a website for your small business is a must in today’s world. There are so many little things to make it fly. You want it to look good. First impressions are everything. Also you want it to be easy to navigate. It is our first opportunity to sell the customer. Next, you want it to be linked to your social media pages. It is almost a full time job to keep our company updates on facebook (shameless plug at  ) and twitter( ). Finally, it must be easy for the search engines to crawl. It can’t be found when you search, otherwise

Every summer i go through this battle. We hire a new firm because i am just a guy that digs holes for a living. I am always let down. It has cost me thousands of dollars over the years. They never get the social media buttons to work properly. Or it doesn’t come out right. I always feel like i just finished a bad date when the monthly bill comes due. So i gave it a shot. I did it myself. It came out pretty good. Of course I could be biased. Take a moment to browse around. We hope you liked our site and found it easy to navigate. I did learn something from this experience. I prefer to dig holes for a living.