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Google Reviews and how they impact My Fence Company

Reviews are absolutely imperative to growing your online presence for a small business. There is an old adage that if you make a customer unhappy they’ll tell everyone. But if you make them happy they might tell one or two people, if you’re lucky. Nowhere is this more apparent than the world of online reviews.
In all our years installing fence we have been lucky enough to get 12 write ups. These reviews are so important to us. Customers get a feel for you and how you conduct your business. I always research before going to any restaurant, hotel, or movie. In residential construction they are paramount in making sure you haven’t hired the wrong company. Furthermore they help Google decide where your business will fall in organic search rankings. It shows Google that you are a stable business that takes care of its clients. Therefore you deserve a place on the first page.


Leave reviews, help us help you!

I now leave write ups for everything! Last year I hired a business to do some repair work on my boat, they destroyed it instead. I now leave a write up on every page that business advertises on. Facebook, Yelp!, Twitter, and Google. I never miss an opportunity to report on my experience with a company now. If i can help you find someone that will help you with your needs i will. On the same note, if i can keep you from giving your money to a business that will hurt your pocketbook or merchandise, i am going to review it. With Social Media and Online directories so accessible there is no reason for anyone to ever go into a business transaction blind. I don’t know, consider it your civic duty! Right up there with voting and Jury duty.


It takes five minutes and the people who work so hard for you will truly appreciate it.




Financing Fence in Grand Rapids

Buying a fence can be expensive, and financing fence is something that most fence companies in Grand Rapids do not offer yet. Pro Fence is proud to be, as far as we know, the first. Sure, you could always go to your local box store and get their credit card, but then you have to settle for their materials and who ever they send out as a subcontractor.

PVC Fence, Aluminum Fence, and Wood Privacy Fence can quickly turn into an expensive project, upwards of ten thousand dollars. Giving our customers the choice to finance gives them the freedom to choose the fence they want at a payment they can afford. Now you can afford those beautifully lighted post caps, the maintenance free convenience of vinyl fence, and the durability of Ornamental Aluminum Fence. We also do commercial projects, Dog Kennels, galvanized and vinyl coated chain link products in black, chocolate brown, and forest green, wood privacy fence in standard solid privacy, shadowbox, or you can add a trim package to your wood fence to beautify it. Getting the fence you want has never been easier, and financing fence is just as easy as a click to our partner site.

We also accept all major credit cards, cash, check, and cashier’s check.

Financing Fence

6 foot tall vinyl fence with lit post caps installed in Hudsonville, MI

When you put the finance package, our outstanding customer service, multiple easy payment options, the best guarantee in the business, top quality materials and impeccable reputation together you cannot go wrong with giving Pro Fence the opportunity to serve you. Give us a call for your free estimate today! We will send one of our estimators out to give you a free estimate and see how we can be of service to you. We are here to see your project through and take care of the customer after the sale.

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48" tall 3 rail ornamental aluminum in Bronze installed poolside in Zeeland, MI

Aluminum Pool Fence at its best

Ornamental Aluminum Fence is about as good as it gets. It’s beautiful, the pain finish stands the test of time, and it’s just plain functional. If I could install only once product for the rest of my life it would be Elite Ornamental Aluminum. When it is installed properly it is the most attractive fence product we offer, in my humble opinion.

If you are having a pool fence installed you have many choices to make. Vinyl will offer privacy at a high price. You can also get privacy from wood if you don’t mind the maintenance. Chain link offers security as well as a great field of vision so you can see what is going on in the pool area, but it’s not all that attractive. But Aluminum is attractive, functional, maintenance free, and just plain the greatest product ever.

Every company sells their own brand, so do yourself a favor and google a few fence companies, call a few and get estimates. Pick the company you go with based on a feeling of trust, not price. You get what you pay for. Our brand of choice is Elite, but there are several good brands out there.  Keep in mind that Aluminum may take a few weeks to get in stock because there are so many different styles and colors. If you chose wisely your pool deck will be the talk of the town, a pleasure for parties, and be beautiful for many years to come.

48" tall 3 rail ornamental aluminum in Bronze installed poolside in Zeeland, MI

48″ tall 3 rail ornamental aluminum in Bronze installed poolside in Zeeland, MI

Informed Shoppers are the best customers. Protect yourself, get informed. No Fence beats a Pro Fence.

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Vinyl Fence, Do you buy from a box store or fence company?

Vinyl Fence is an expensive product, and it will cost you even more of it is not installed properly or if you buy an inferior brand. At least twice a week we have a customer ask us what it will cost to have it installed, only for them to tell us “It’s only $70 a panel at the local (insert name of box store here)” All we can say to these customers is that you get what pay for.

What makes a good vinyl fence?

The first indicator as to whether or not the vinyl fence you are looking for is a quality product is how it attaches to the posts. Many box store vinyl panels install to the posts with little metal or plastic brackets. This doesn’t make for a good fence. These little brackets end up being breaking points under winds or impact. The best brands will always install into the posts through slots.

Next, shy away from any brand that installs over wood posts. Any quality vinyl product will have thick enough sidewalls that it will not need a wood post inside of it. The only thing a quality installer will put inside your posts is a steel channel stiffener, used generally on the gate posts for rigidity.

How to tell a Quality Vinyl install from a bad one

Most importantly, check the online portfolio of any fence company or installer you are considering hiring. Observe how they handle slopes, because the majority of yards are not perfectly flat. See how their lines run, that they are pleasing to the eye and do not look like a jagged roller coaster. Make sure they use concrete on every post, not just the end and gate posts.

At Pro Fence we sell and install Bufftech, but this is by no means the only quality brand out there. We also recommend vinyl fence by Digger Specialties, and Generations Vinyl Fence. But honestly, any fence brand that doesn’t install with brackets or over wood posts will probably do well for you.

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72" Bufftech Lexington

72″ Bufftech Tongue and Groove Vinyl Privacy

Tips for a happy fence project

Installing a fence in your yard can be a blessing or a nightmare. It doesn’t matter what kind of fence it is, the principles i am about to layout for you are universal. Following these simple steps will make for a painless project.

Before you call a local fence company

Before calling a fence company or get a materials list done, i always recommend getting a property survey done. This will make certain that you do not infringe upon your neighbor’s properties or lose any of yours. After all, you pay taxes on that property, do not give any of it up. You can find many property surveyors in your area by simply going to Google and searching. This will usually cost you between $200 and $500, and is worth every penny. The cost and headache of accidentally installing on someone else’s property  can be in the thousands. Fence companies do not generally accept responsibility for lot lines, unless they are clearly marked by a professional survey company.

Do you need a permit?

Next, check with your local city manager’s office, code inspection department. Here in the Grand Rapids market we have several towns that require the purchase of a permit. I have never really understood this as anything other than another way the city taxes you, but if you are required to get one and are caught without it the headaches will be numerous.


Make sure to check in the plot survey given to you when you purchased the home for property easements. Often times there will be an easement for future use by public utlilities, drainage, etc. If you install something in these areas and the Gas company needs to come in and work on a line they will destroy any part of the fence in their easement with zero regard for you or the money you spent. When they are done doing whatever they did, they will not pay to have your fence installed again, and in some cases the fence will no longer be in usable condition to be installed again. When the utility company takes it down, they generally destroy it or make it otherwise unusable out of sheer spite.


Finally, after you have gotten estimates from a minimum of three reputable companies, contact your local utility line location service. In Michigan we use Miss Dig, In Texas we use DigTess. Utility companies accept no responsibility for their hidden underground lines  should they be breached. This is a very costly mistake. Some fence companies take the initiative to do this, themselves. At Pro Fence we take care of this. Doing so will protect you ro your contractor from hitting a buried electrical line (ouch), breaching a natural gas line (Boom!) or taking out the communication line for an entire city block. (because no one needs a couple dozen angry teenagers screaming at them for knocking out internet and not being able to use their Ipads)

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Bufftech Vinyl Privacy fence at its best

Bufftech Vinyl Privacy fence at its best

Vinyl fencing, Wood, Ornamental Aluminum, or chain link ? Pro Fence has answers to some of your questions

Every day we get calls for estimates from customers that actually do not know which product they want. Vinyl fencing? Wood privacy? What are the pros and cons? So we are going to give you some details on each product to help you decide which is right for you.

Most customers, the vast majority for us at Pro Fence Grand Rapids, are buying their fence to secure their yard for their new puppy or children. If you are looking for a product that is simply for these reasons and on a budget, chain link is the product for you. It comes in Black Vinyl chain link, green, brown, and standard galvanized. The Vinyl coated products are more expensive, but are also much more attractive. This product seems to last forever, and if built correctly, will last decades. It is maintenance free. It comes in heights from 3′ tall to 6′ tall (for most residential applications). And it’ll usually cost between $8 and $10 per linear foot (terminal posts and gates are extra)  for a standard 4′ tall application Because we install every post in concrete and all posts are set no more than 8 feet apart we guarantee this product as long as you own your home.

For customers that are looking for basic privacy, 6′ tall wood fence is an excellent choice. If well taken care of it can last decades, it is affordable, and can be very attractive so long as your contractor uses a good quality wood. In our Michigan market we install mostly pressure treated pine, and cedar. Most companies in the Grand Rapids area market offer it in two grades of picket thickness, 5/8″ and 3/4″. You get what you pay for. The 3/4″ picket is definitely the superior product, as the thicker board is more resistant to cupping, twisting and warping. You can expect to pay $14 to $20 per linear foot (installed) for basic dog eared wood privacy. And any fence company that is worth hiring will never sell you prebuilt sections. If you wanted junk you’d go to any box store and buy it and do it yourself. Obviously wood is not the kind of product that comes with much of a guarantee, but any good company will guarantee their post footings and be happy to take care of you should your fence experience any serious warping within the first year or two.

Ornamental Aluminum is my personal favorite. Because it is aluminum you’ll not have to worry about rusting. Depending on the manufacturer, the paint finish (offered in many colors) tends to stay beautiful and vibrant for may years, and this is another product we guarantee as long as you own your home. We offer aluminum by Alumigard and Elite. This particular product is often the choice of many folks looking to secure their pool, or customers that have a Victorian Home and are looking for a more distinguished look. You can expect to pay anywhere from $22-$30 per linear foot (installed) for this product in four foot height, depending on the style you choose and company installing it. If i could do only product for the rest of my life, it would be ornamental aluminum.

Vinyl fencing is becoming more of a popular choice in the Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, and Muskegon areas. It is strong, long lasting, beautiful, and it is also 0ne of the most expensive residential fence products you can buy. It is offered in multiple colors, but white is the most poplar. Keep in mind that this is basically a plastic product, and when installed for privacy it becomes a sail against heavy winds. It gets brittle when cold. If you live in a high wind area, full privacy may not be a a great choice, we have actually had to replace one installed by a competitor that blew away due to the posts bending straight over in straight line winds. We offer vinyl (also known as pvc) fence by Bufftech, we feel this is an excellent product. If you choose a competitor product we recommend you choose a company that offers Digger Specialty, another excellent product. We cannot recommend anything else, and suggest you stay away from box store vinyl fences for quality reasons. Vinyl fence is offered in a couple dozen different style, many of which can be seen in the gallery on our website or on our Google+ page at Again, we guarantee this product as long as you own your home. You can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $50 per linear foot (installed) for this product depending on the height, style, manufacturer, and contractor.

Give us at Pro Fence, or any other contractor a call for answers to any other questions. More tips will be posted next week at

wood fence tip of the week from Pro Fence

Don’t want the bottom of your wood fence to rot??? make sure to take the weed whacker to the growth along the bottom of your fence each time you mow. This can extend the life of your wood fence many years, and save you on maintenance costs!

If you are having a new wood fence installed this year ask your installer to leave a small gap under the fence when it’s being nailed up. It will hep with longevity if the pickets do not contact the ground, and make it easier for weed whacking.

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Pro Fence vs. web design firms

Having a website for your small business is a must in today’s world. There are so many little things to make it fly. You want it to look good. First impressions are everything. Also you want it to be easy to navigate. It is our first opportunity to sell the customer. Next, you want it to be linked to your social media pages. It is almost a full time job to keep our company updates on facebook (shameless plug at  ) and twitter( ). Finally, it must be easy for the search engines to crawl. It can’t be found when you search, otherwise

Every summer i go through this battle. We hire a new firm because i am just a guy that digs holes for a living. I am always let down. It has cost me thousands of dollars over the years. They never get the social media buttons to work properly. Or it doesn’t come out right. I always feel like i just finished a bad date when the monthly bill comes due. So i gave it a shot. I did it myself. It came out pretty good. Of course I could be biased. Take a moment to browse around. We hope you liked our site and found it easy to navigate. I did learn something from this experience. I prefer to dig holes for a living.

Looking forward to the 2015 Fence Season

It has been a long, strange Winter. Starting with over 20″ of snow over Thanksgiving, then less than an inch and a half all of December, then ….well, you know the rest. All winter long I sit and think about the upcoming fence season, Advertising, concepts for YouTube Videos, blah, blah, blah. What it comes down to is after checking the forecast for the next 8 days it is time to load up the trucks and get ready to dig some holes. We even made a few deals allowing us to stock aluminum fence and vinyl fence panels over the winter, giving us an edge over the “other guys” that have a 3-6 week order time. (YAY US!)

Over the next couple weeks we will be out doing estimates, and itching to get into your back yards, feel the sunshine on our faces, hear the birds (and nail guns) all day long. This is what we live for in this business. Welcome back Springtime! We have missed you.