Looking forward to the 2015 Fence Season

It has been a long, strange Winter. Starting with over 20″ of snow over Thanksgiving, then less than an inch and a half all of December, then ….well, you know the rest. All winter long I sit and think about the upcoming fence season, Advertising, concepts for YouTube Videos, blah, blah, blah. What it comes down to is after checking the forecast for the next 8 days it is time to load up the trucks and get ready to dig some holes. We even made a few deals allowing us to stock aluminum fence and vinyl fence panels over the winter, giving us an edge over the “other guys” that have a 3-6 week order time. (YAY US!)

Over the next couple weeks we will be out doing estimates, and itching to get into your back yards, feel the sunshine on our faces, hear the birds (and nail guns) all day long. This is what we live for in this business. Welcome back Springtime! We have missed you.