Google Reviews and how they impact My Fence Company

Reviews are absolutely imperative to growing your online presence for a small business. There is an old adage that if you make a customer unhappy they’ll tell everyone. But if you make them happy they might tell one or two people, if you’re lucky. Nowhere is this more apparent than the world of online reviews.
In all our years installing fence we have been lucky enough to get 12 write ups. These reviews are so important to us. Customers get a feel for you and how you conduct your business. I always research before going to any restaurant, hotel, or movie. In residential construction they are paramount in making sure you haven’t hired the wrong company. Furthermore they help Google decide where your business will fall in organic search rankings. It shows Google that you are a stable business that takes care of its clients. Therefore you deserve a place on the first page.


Leave reviews, help us help you!

I now leave write ups for everything! Last year I hired a business to do some repair work on my boat, they destroyed it instead. I now leave a write up on every page that business advertises on. Facebook, Yelp!, Twitter, and Google. I never miss an opportunity to report on my experience with a company now. If i can help you find someone that will help you with your needs i will. On the same note, if i can keep you from giving your money to a business that will hurt your pocketbook or merchandise, i am going to review it. With Social Media and Online directories so accessible there is no reason for anyone to ever go into a business transaction blind. I don’t know, consider it your civic duty! Right up there with voting and Jury duty.


It takes five minutes and the people who work so hard for you will truly appreciate it.