Pro Fence vs. the Craigslist handy man

I, myself, am an avid Craigslister. For those of you from the West Michigan area all remember the Bargain corner in the Grand Rapids Press, right? I love being able to log on and find cheap parts for my work trucks, i once found a great 42″ Samsung plasma tv for $100, i still use it today. I love that TV.

But would you shop for something as permanent as a new addition to your home on Craigslist? An addition that could potentially cost as much as $30,000? (Yes, we have seen fences be that expensive, for certain ones, and even higher) I have done estimates to fix fences that were installed by handy men off Craigslist, and it’s never been pretty. The materials are usually bought at the local box store, are of inferior quality, and the installation is sub par.

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t rocket scientists at Pro Fence. Anyone can build a fence. But not just anyone can build it perfect. It’s like asking your dentist to be your gynecologist, but just this one time, at a discounted rate. (Did i just say that? I believe i did) It is the same theory. For example, i can build you the best fence money can buy, but i couldn’t write your will, or fix your plumbing, or even rewire your basement…..not worth paying for any way. So don’t hire a guy that hangs shelves and puts plumber’s tape on drippy shower heads to build your fence, the fence that protects your designer cockapoo, or keeps your children safe. I am sure he’s a wonderful person, and i’ll bet those shelves he hung for Aunt Sally look pretty darned level, but perfection comes at a price.

In the coming months we will be posting several “do it yourself” videos for you folks on youtube. At the end of the day we don’t care who gets your money, as long as you get what you want at a price you can afford. I even give out the names and numbers of a couple of our local competitors to every customer we estimate, just for this reason. But if you are thinking of hiring a craigslist handy man to do your fence you are just as well to do it yourself, and hopefully these videos will show you how. Maybe make the Handy man watch them, it certainly couldn’t hurt!